Welcome to PT. Mangun Semita Indonesia

PT Mangun Semita Indonesia is a company running in the field of general trading specified in providing chemical goods and equipment for industrial needs. We offer various products from various brands to support the production activities in your company. Our products include filter media and general chemical materials.

We are ready to support your business and needs by providing the chemical goods and equipments. We provide various types and brands of products based on your company needs



We manage to provide various chemical material and filter media from various brands to support the company needs for the last couple of years. We serve all partners’ needs related to chemical materials and filter media by prioritizing the professionality and product’s quality.

For us, honesty is an attitude that we always keep with integrity. Trust is an important factor to maintain good relation, both with the client and everyone involved, in order to reach the best result and give a solution for the maximum result.

Keep expanding our company network by providing various chemical material and complete filter media is one of our strategies to solve the partner’s need effectively and efficiently without forgetting the attention to details and we also make sure that all of the materials are well distributed.

We are ready to do continuous communication to get rid of your worries. As our partner, you can keep discussing and consulting with our company through the shipping of your needs is done.

With various qualified products that we provide, it is easy for you to find the products that suit the need and the budget of your company.