PT Mangun Semita Indonesia is a company running in the field of general trading specified in providing chemical goods and equipment for industrial needs. We offer various products from various brands to support the production activities in your company. Our products include filter media and general chemical materials.

To keep serving qualified products, PT Mangun Semita Indonesia will keep holding the company principles by doing quality control and effective quality management in every product that we offer. As a chemical goods and equipment supplier, we always provide the best services and products to answer the customer’s needs.

To serve the demands from various companies all over Indonesia, PT Mangun Semita Indonesia is supported by competent, professional staffs with suitable educational backgrounds. They come from various cultural backgrounds that also help to facilitate our expansion throughout the country.

The staff’s capacity building is also done with a simultaneous training series. Not only give the training, but the company also point out to the staffs that the personal touch is very important in their job through continuous communication.

To all of our partners, we are committed to keeping our promises to your satisfaction. We hope we can be one of the best general trading and chemical trading companies all over Indonesia.
We are optimistic that in the future PT Mangun Semita Indonesia will be the best general and chemical trading company in Indonesia by keeping our commitment. Thus, we hope that you can be part of our partners to actualize our vision and mission.