Bio septic tanks are modern septic tanks that are now present in the community as one of the best choices. Like conventional septic tanks, bio-septic tanks also function to accommodate feces or human waste. However, there are some quite striking differences from conventional septic tanks and bio septic tanks. We know that conventional septic tanks often use bricks as material for their shelter. Well, this brick is indeed quite strong but it is not capable of breaking down feces. As a result, sometimes conventional septic tanks are often clogged and must be sucked to empty them.


Another advantage of this product is that it will not make contaminated groundwater. One of the bad consequences of conventional septic tanks is the surrounding groundwater that changes shape and smell. Fiber materials used by bio-septic tanks will hold waste and ensure that the surrounding ground water is not contaminated at all. Fiber used also proved to be strong and not easy to leak. In addition, the various bio-septic tanks and various sizes that can be adjusted will of course facilitate the installation process that you will do. You only need to install without making a new recharge.